Sep 23, 2016

Arqova is working on HC 2.0

Arqova ( is super confidential on the market with just a domain name and a few simple web pages. We heard that the company is working on next generation Hyper Converged approach with a mix of new hardware and software but nothing was really detailed. The product should be able to be deployed for both enterprises and cloud providers. Nothing is posted on LinkedIn but we know that the company has an address in Los Gatos.

Sep 16, 2016

Surprise, Workday acquired Platfora

Workday ( | NYSE:WDAY), the cloud software giant, announced a pending significant technology acquisition with Platfora. Announced on July 21st in a company blog post by Mike Frandsen, EVP Products, Support and Delivery at Workday, the acquisition should be completed during the third fiscal quarter which closes October 31st.

Aug 31, 2016

StorONE makes incremental market progress

StorONE (, an Israeli storage software company, exhibits at VMworld in Las Vegas this week. Even with a booth, there wasn't lots of info as the product is not GA but a key message around high IOPS performance with standard SSD drives: "500,000 IOPS with 6 SSDs" with just software running on Linux or Hypervisor on commodity servers. The company was founded in 2013 by Gal Naor, founder of Storwize in 2004, then sold to IBM for approximately $140M in 2010. So far, StorONE has raised $20M from Jerusalem Global Ventures and Vaizra Investments and even Seagate has injected money in the seed round that should represents today 5%. The company has less then 50 employees today.

Aug 29, 2016

NooBaa out of stealth with its Community Edition

NooBaa (, new player in scalable commodity storage, is now out of stealth. Some of you recall the article I wrote end of June that unveiled the company and the associated product. The company takes advantage of VMworld to announce it first solution a Community Edition.
NooBaa delivers what many others promise but fail to offer: a real independent storage software solution fully hardware agnostic without any resource dependencies. The solution is running on any vendor and media, fully heterogeneous and operating on public, private or hybrid cloud. The following image summarizes the NooBaa characteristics:

Aug 22, 2016

InterModal Data is dead

InterModal Data is out of business and the web site doesn't respond of course. Founded in 2015 with a total funding of $4M from a Series A from Allegis Capital, Menlo Ventures and Azure Capital Partners raised in June 2015, the company goal was to deliver a new SDS approach; the story ended a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, the company is no longer listed on Allegis and Menlo web sites, only on Azure one.
David Kresse, former CEO of Coraid, and CEO of InterModal Data is now VP Products and Alliances at Nimble Storage as his LikedIn profile says. Keith Carpenter, VP Sales at Coraid then at InterModal Data as well, is an advisor at Nitrosphere. With the failure of Coraid, we have seen several ex Coraid employees joining the InterModal Data project. No announcement was made by Nimble about the arrival of David Kresse. I have tried to contact David Kresse and Keith Carpenter but didn't get any answer. This story reminds me MaxiScale.

Aug 19, 2016

Castle, a new scalable storage from Quantum

Quantum ( | NYSE:QTM), a leader in secondary storage, is working on a new storage project named Castle exactly The Castle with a dedicated web site The project is open source and managed by Bassam Tabbara, CTO of Quantum, who was the CTO and co-founder of Symform, a cloud-based P2P storage service acquired by Quantum in August 2014.

Aug 15, 2016

A new boss for Pure Storage in France

Pure Storage ( | NYSE:PSTG), has decided to recruit a new country manager and Laurent Martini was chosen. He will join the company very soon to continue the momentum started a few quarters ago. With 15 years at Veritas then Symantec then Veritas again and recently Managing Director of France, Laurent will be for sure a great asset for Pure Storage in France. As Pure Storage has a strong Veritas DNA, this choice confirms links, roots and needs. Congratulations for the company and Laurent.

Aug 3, 2016

IT Press Tour #20 - Special Israel Edition

The IT Press Tour ( is ready for a new evolution and a tour in Israel invited by many storage vendors to visit the country and R&D centers to feel the power of innovation especially in Storage. Next November, the IT Press Tour team will visit and meet a few data storage and services companies to better understand their technologies and market approaches. 3 of them are completely new with even no detailed web page such, I revealed NooBaa in a recent Top News on StorageNewsletter and published one of the first article about The other companies are super strong with key leadership position on the market - CTera Networks is a reference in Cloud based | connected- storage, Kaminario is a All-Flash Array top choice and Reduxio Systems, more recent, wishes to change the storage approach with a new primary storage offering with key data protection capabilities. We add a confidential name unable to mention it right now, so please come back to the tour home page in a few weeks close to the event to discover who will be behind.

Jul 21, 2016

Some futures directions for Kaminario

Kaminario (, leader in All Flash Array, is thinking about new technologies evolution for its K2 product line. Among them, Shachar Fienbit, CTO of he company, has made some clear statements about these:
  • 3D NAND will remain the leading storage media and will be the commodity that replaces HDDs in the datacenter,
  • NVM is too expensive to replace NAND and should be used wisely - not going to replace NAND for 5+ years,
  • NVMe has limited benefit for AFA since these systems already aggregate performance from several SSDs - controller is the bottleneck so decreasing latency from disk to controller is not that interesting,
  • NVMe Fabric should have a slow market adoption for external storage connectivity,
  • NVMe Networks Shelves is interesting for decoupling compute from capacity.

Jul 13, 2016

E8 Storage to lead the new NVMf wave

E8 Storage (, future leader of the new generation of storage arrays based on NVMe over fabrics, aka NVMf, recently participated to the IT Press Tour end of June and Zivan Ori, CEO and co-founder, based in Israel has made the trip to meet the press team. For references, I already wrote 2 times about E8 Storage and I invite to read May and early July posts.